Goals for 2023

These are my technological goals for 2023!

Hello there! So we are at the end of 2023 and one of the things that people like to do is set goals for 2023. This is something that I sort of do each year, but I figured that this year I'm going to write it down and put it out there so that I have some sort of accountability. While things may change throughout the year, here are a couple of things that I hope to accomplish.

Software Development

This is something that I have been working on for years to learn in the background. I will start doing a course and then learn some stuff, but never apply. Throughout the end of the year, however, I have started to learn and complete some projects based on Meta's Coursera course that they made. With this being said, I have a goal to do more software development work in 2023.

Twitter Followers to Reach 500

Something that I have always struggled with is reaching out and conversing with people. That might be one of the reasons why I enjoyed computers so much when growing up because it was something that I can do from the comfort of my home. Something that I have started to do this year though is starting to post more and reach out to people on Twitter. At the time of writing this, my Twitter following is 59 followers. I am looking to grow on this platform and network during 2023. I believe that this will help me not only grow as a person but help me connect to other like-minded people!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/seanmilfort

Start Creating YouTube Content - Goal 15 Videos

Another thing that I always wanted to get into was creating some YouTube content. The biggest problem is that the people that I watch have inspired me to try and make content for some of the biggest names and do the craziest reviews and have such a good personalities online. As part of trying to grow and expand my horizons, I would like to start creating content about the many things that I do. I have set aside the goal to myself to create 15 videos on YouTube. The only way to get good at these things is to try doing it myself!

Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@seanmilfort

Grow Blog and Newsletter to 100 Followers

Another thing that I would like to do is grow my blog and my newsletter. I currently run a blog and a newsletter, both with separate kinds of content that go to each one. The blog is mainly more of reviews and tutorials of different techniques that I am either using or integrating into my life. The newsletter is usually more opinion-based and has feelings about what is going on in my life. Both come out bi-weekly, basically, you get one or the other each week. I started both in 2022 and would like to continue to grow each one through 2023. My goal is to reach 100 followers on both platforms.

Blog Link: https://blog.seanmilfort.com/

Newsletter Link: https://news.seanmilfort.com/

There are other goals that I am also trying to achieve like continuing my schooling and resurging my DJ Side Gig, but these are the main ones that I am currently working on.

If you want to follow and check in with how they are going, feel free to follow me on any of the social media above or follow me on of the links at the website below!


I hope you have a wonderful 2023!

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