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This will be a little bit of a different kind of blog post this week. This post is about the direction of the blogs and where I will be taking the page in the near future.

The purpose of this blog was always to share reviews of products and more in-depth technical posts about different things I'm implementing into my workflow and life. The goal was to post bi-weekly on opposing weeks of my newsletter. The difference between this and my newsletter is that my newsletter is more opinionated and more of my thoughts and updates on my life while the blog is more educational.

What I have come to realize is that in the drive to constantly be trying to give content out and juggle the many things in my life, some things are starting to lack in quality. While I will love to give out a large sum of content, I think it is more important to give out quality updates. I know my content is lacking sometimes on these posts and I would like to spend more time to create the best content that I can here.

Because of this, I will be making some changes to the frequency of the blogs/newsletters. Instead of releasing the blogs bi-weekly, I will be releasing them when I am finished with a review or technical post. I have a good list of things that I will like to write about, but I will be taking my time creating them so that they are the best information that I can give.

Starting next week, however, I will be upping the newsletter occurence to weekly. You may be asking, why am I making that more frequent and this one less frequent? The reality of it is that the newsletter is more streamlined where I'm giving updates and talking more freely than these blog posts so I can handle that much better. I will be still massaging the format of the newsletter, but I believe that I can give out quality newsletters weekly instead of the schedule that I was attempting now.

I have a couple of blog post ideas in the work and hope you will enjoy them when they are released.

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