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Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

This blog is all about me discussing many of the things that I discover throughout my technological journey! Pretty much anything that comes to mind and I feel is worth sharing!

I've been super into many different fields of tech for as long as I can imagine. My interests in tech can range from software development & system administration all the way to home automation. I try out a lot of different tech and love to find ways that tech can solve problems in our lives and make it easier. I will be starting to document all the many things that I go through here at this location! I've been known to be an "Apple fanboy," but I love all technology (recently added a Pixel 6 Pro to my lifestyle to dig deeper into Android).

Some quick facts about myself are:

  • Currently 28 working as a System Administrator
  • In school for my Masters in Computer Information Science (Final Semester! Graduating in May!)
  • Love learning about new technology!
  • Thinking about continuing my education past that
  • Have a drive for starting to get into freelancing
  • I am a DJ on the side
  • Started to get interested in Photography and taking pictures for fun!

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Twitter - @SeanMilfort

Website - seanmilfort.com

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