Why I Want a Folding Device, but Don't Have One Yet


Phones have been going down the same path for a pretty long time. A large slab of the screen seems to get closer and closer to the edge. At the end of the day, all the phones have started to follow the same similar packaging and not change anything in forms of design and function. That is until folding phones started to come out.

Folding phones have been coming out for the last couple of years in many different forms: a slab folding on itself for a smaller device or a larger screen folding in half with a single screen on the outside. These new configurations were created with the idea of bringing new functionality and allowing users to achieve new forms of productivity with the various forms. At first, there were some bumps and bruises with the new designs, but it looks like they are finally starting to find their way.

Right now, some of the biggest brands like Samsung and Oppo are heavily invested in creating multiple folding phones. And there are even some rumors of Google and Apple joining the party in the future. Right now, it looks folding phones are here to stay.

My Thoughts on the Devices

So what are my thoughts about a folding phone? I think they are great. I tend to lean more toward the larger screen that folds in half with the outer screen portion available when it is folded, but I think both designs have their place. I know my mom would probably love the smaller design because she does not like large phones to begin with.

I am someone who relies on my phones quite heavily so I can see a ton of benefits to using a folding device every day. From using it to read emails and books, to being productive with writing notes; the added screen real estate in your pocket is a welcome change. I know some of you are asking why would you want to carry something that big in your pocket. Honestly, I already carry two pairs of headphones, 3 writing utensils, 2 pocket notebooks, and two phones in my pockets, so I'm not sure if this will bother me.

Well if you carry all this stuff, why don't you just carry an iPad too, and not need a folding device? Well even though I do have an iPad already and they are portable, they aren't fit in your pocket portable. All of that stuff fits in my pockets while an iPad doesn't. That is the win with the foldable devices, you can put the device with all that screen real estate in your pocket.

Wait, you don't have one?

But now I bet you are wondering, I just sat here and talked about why they are great, why don't I have one already?

Well even though I think they are amazing and love playing with them when I get a chance, until about a year and a half ago, I used to be an iOS person only and Apple didn’t' offer (and still doesn't offer) a foldable option. The Pixel 6 Pro was my first experience integrating Android into my life and it was supposed to be just a test (spoiler, I ended up liking it). With this, I ended up sticking with the Pixel line because of the "stock" Android experience vs going to Samsung. I didn't have a problem with Samsung devices, but I wanted the major Android updates the day Google releases them because I'm usually more interested in software upgrades than hardware. With the path of staying with the Pixel line, they didn't offer a foldable option.

Now this year, there are rumors that a Pixel Fold is coming out and it will be Google's first initial offering of this type of device. Without actually seeing the device, it is most likely that will be the Pixel device that I will be upgrading to and I'm super excited to try it out if it is true.

So yes, I am super excited at the idea of owning a foldable and I haven't used one day to day so take this take with a grain of salt, but I love the idea of foldable devices. I don't think the current iteration of the slab will ever go away, but I do think that foldable devices are the next step in the form factor of folding phones. I see tons of use cases for work, personal productivity, and just consuming content that the foldable phone can shine in.

More Information

If you are interested in getting a Fold offering today, check out these videos on the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold to see if you would like this device.

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